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Communication and dialogue are the essential factors, as part of the mutual “journey” of the employees and the managers. That is our conviction and experience.

We share this basic orientation with the customers, who have chosen our company for development of a new communication culture, by means of which employees and managers share the same aims, facilities and how to get there.

Our starting point is that no manager is better than the extent of his knowledge and understanding.

By listening intensely to the stories of the employees about the workplace and the management strategy, very important knowledge is achieved.

This knowledge will determine language, structure and content when communicating with the employees.

We are working with recommendations, which we substantiate by insights.
Recommendations which are serious and reasonable in time and price.
Insights created through interviews with the management and a representative selection of the employees.

We can be of great importance to your company, if the managers are interested in:

• Insight in the understanding of the employees and their expectations to their managers and their communication
• A strong “WE”-culture beyond functions and responsibility areas
• A mutual involvement in strategies and aims
• Knowledge about the way to let the management communication contribute positively to the bottom line
• To establish and implement the basic story of the company and its values
• A guiding market promise, which means engagement inside the company and improvement
of the company image
• Development of an operational and relevant communication practice
• Further development of management communication

In short, our story to the market is working with the aim of companies to reach their goals and people to succeed. It is an ambition and a mission which we proudly pass on through lectures, seminars and workshops.

Our recent customer portfolio consists of production- and service companies, retail- and knowledge-based companies of up to 1000 employees.

Sometimes we are only working with communication inside the company – and sometimes it becomes natural to deal with external communication as well.

What is said inside the company often makes sense to repeat outside as well.